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The Ultimate Starter Tool Kit

The Ultimate Starter Tool Kit

We call this the ultimate starter tool kit because it has absolutely everything you need to build electronic projects, at the lowest possible cost so that a beginner can have the tools they need without searching to gather affordable tools. This kit is custom made for us and the components are selected with great care - but for value, not for high quality. Each is described in detail below. There are even a couple of tools that are particularly poor, but we've included them because they have redeeming characteristics and they were so cheap, we thought adding them was a good value. The set is, in general, far more than just adequate for the task. Everyone who has seen and handled the kit has marveled over the assortment, quantity, selection and value of the set.

Here is the list of tools in the kit. Click on each item to go to a detail picture and more information about the tool.

Limit one kit per order, contact us for larger orders.

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